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After Treatment Tips

After Care Instructions

Post Extraction Instructions

  • The cotton kept in the extraction’s side to be maintained in position for 1/2 an hour to help stop bleeding.
  • Spitting out of blood & saliva following the extraction procedure must be avoided as it prolongs the healing process.
  • Applications of ice pack extra orally on the extraction’s side is recommended to reduce the post operative swelling.
  • Avoid eating hot,hard,spicy food & aerated drinks for a day following the extraction.
  • Consumption of soft and cold food during the healing phase is recommended.
  • From the next day on wards one should do warm salt water gargling 3 to 4 times daily for the next 3 days,on the advice of of the dental surgeon.
  • Please take your medicines as prescribed by the Doctor
  • Extracted tooth should be replaced after one or two months.

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